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Welcome to Haa Baht. The arrival of a multicultural society "Haa Baht", specializes in foreign personnel and matches human resources.

What Haabaht Can Do For You

With the internationalization of Japanese companies not progressing easily, Japan is about to enter a multicultural society. Haa Baht’s strength in introducing foreign people is that teams with international experience, understanding and introduce the feelings of foreigners and the needs of Japanese companies. For foreign job seekers, there are many people who have experienced employment introductions by Haa Baht using references. We provide detailed support to recruiting companies, such as helping to create an environment for hiring foreigners, settling foreigners hired, and proposing subsidies. We sincerely conduct recruitment with a sense of responsibility for the work related to human life, wishing for the prosperity of recruitment companies and the happiness of job seekers.

We Support.

We are entrusted to support your journey in finding the correct employment opportunities in Japan. 

We Match.

We provide best foreign workforce who have high level of motivation to our established firms. 

We Integrate.

We deliver various services to our clients for better and economical operability. 

Seeking Employment through Haa Baht Inc.

Our internationally experienced team will do their best to get you into the profession you want. In addition, we provide support as necessary, such as living environment after employment and communication with employers. No referral fee is required at Haa Baht.

Step One

Please register for "Inquiry" and send us your updated resume.

Step Two

Carefully plan your career and the job you want. Send us the Application documents that would increase the passing rate.

Step Three

We will also advise you how to write an application.

Step Four

We will suggest you a place of employment that will be based on the your skills and experience. We will adjust the interview date and time to help improve the interview pass rate.

Step Five

Please fill out the inquiry form for job seekers and send it to us.

What Haa Baht Can Do For You?

What We Provide?

Our Services

We help Japanese Medium and Small scale companies in getting skilled manpower to fulfill their various needs. We also provide information and advice on the markets you are interested in based on our extensive international business experience. In addition, we will help you gather information to understand the market situation when expanding overseas.

Haa Baht’s internationally experienced team, who understand the needs of Japanese companies, understands the feelings of foreigners who are job seekers, introduces the best human resources for both parties, and produces the result of “WIN WIN”. We respond sincerely with a sense of responsibility that recruitment is a job related to human life.


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How we can help you?

Our Services

Let Us Help You Overshoot Your Goals in the Right Ways.

Service One

Support for Overseas Expansion of Japanese SMEs

Service Two

Trade brokerage

Service Three

Seminar & Training (Japanese language, business culture, and different cultures)

Service Four

IT & Digital Offshore Support

Service Five

Translation service (Myanmar & English)

The story of

Haa Baht

Our Representative Director, Mitsuko Takahashi experienced an incident during her visit to Thailand which led to the origination of “Haa Baht”.


5 baht (money unit in Thai & Yen in Japan).

As a single working mother, I enjoyed working for a foreign company, and when my younger child graduated from college and was financially independent, I was thinking of a way of life that didn’t rely on organizations…..

Our Happy Clients!

At first, I thought Haa Baht was similar to other consultancy recruiting services but it wasn’t long before they proved me wrong. Everything they did was systematic, from setting up their internal interview to actual interviews with clients…..

Anvesh Reddy

Nationality: India
Post: Data Scientist

After graduating from a vocational school, I was hired by a local hotel, but my job disappeared in Corona.
So when I was a student, I went back to Tokyo and looked for a job, but it got difficult. I knew Haa Baht while I was interviewed by many companies…..


Nationality: Myanmar
Post: International Admin in Working Visa

I was told to pay the referral fee and visa application fee, saying that candidate would be hired followed by an interview by the person in charge of the company. The process of recruitment started by Ms. Htet Htet San of the Haa Baht Company.

They explained me the job well and contacted me before the interview. They also introduced me to good work.

Htet Htet Aung

Nationality: Myanmar
Post: Specific skill worker at Food Processing Factory

A Few Words About

Our Team

Haa Baht Inc. is supported by a global and diverse team. 

Mitsuko Takahashi

Representative Director

Htet Htet Aung

HR Recruiter

Kaya Sakurai

Admin & Japanese Support

Vrishti Shersia

IT Engineer

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What's New?

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ISE Food Establishes Joint Venture in India

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