Guidance to make a Profile video

We will provide opportunity for the Japanese companies to approach you by sharing your profile videos on our channel. This would be very good opportunity for job seeker to show their skill and experience directly to employer.

Recommended Video Example
Bad Video Example
  1. Must speak in Japanese only (N3 above) No English
  2. Science major such as Information Technology, Electronics, computer science.
  3. Age: 21 ~ 30 years
  4. Female candidates are most welcome!

Video should include:

  1. Self-introduction (2 ~ 3 min)
  2. Your skill and strength, competitive advantage what makes you different from others
  3. Your daily life, city, family, your hobby, anything describes who you are (visually)
  4. Describe your image on Japan
  5. Please send your video without editing .We will edit and add our comments.

How to send your promotion video:

  1. Use iPhone video (10 minutes) save with your name and save it in a drive send the link or send the file to
  2. Download  the CV and job experience sheet (separately) and fill the required details and send with your name.

Disclaimer: Once you submit your profile video means your portrait rights belongs to us.If you do not agree please do not send.We use this profile video compiling with Japanese privacy law.