Learn Japanese with a Native Teacher

Learn Japanese with a native teacher
Learn Japanese with a native teacher

Profile of Ms.Sachiko Kakegawa

She has been a professional Japanese teacher over 20 years.She had worked abroad to teach Japanese including Hong Kong, Thailand and Taiwan. She was also participated in Japan Foundation’s Japanese education project.

Prepare JLPT and improve your Japanese with experienced native teachers

The Japanese expert teacher with more than 20 years experience, will polish your Japanese from the basic.

Many of non-Japanese job seekers are often rejected mainly because of lack of Japanese proficiency even your skill is impressive. When you think you have studied Japanese or used Japanese in business , and you think you are N3 equivalent or more but without certificate, Japanese interviewers often told us, “his Japanese is not good enough to work in our company.” There is a gap between your subjective perspective and reality. Haa Baht made a special arrangement for our job seekers to invite the professional Japanese teacher to analyze your weakness and strengthen your Japanese as our value added service, so that you will be ready for higher JLPT exams or be successful at your job interviews. 

Learn Japanese with a native teacher

3-Months Japanese online course

On every  Saturday  (12 lessons) 

One lesson: 90 minutes (morning session 11:00 am ~ 12: 30 pm / afternoon session 13: 30 ~ 15:00) Via Zoom or Skype

Participants:   Maximum 5 people in a same Japanese level 

Eligibility:   Any level.

Ms. Kakegawa will interview you for 15 minutes as a placement before you start the lessons.  

Fee:  30,000 yen for 12 lessons. Payment by bank transfer or PayPal .

Those who wish to continue, sign up for the next batch. At the end of lessons, you will be rated for achievement.When your score is excellent and wish to continue, we will give you 10% discount for the next course as incentive.


Please contact Haa Baht website “Japanese crash course” page and sign up.You may not be able to take lessons immediately in case there are too many sign-ups.This does not guarantee your interview or JLPT success.However, Haa Baht has realized critical weakness of some of our non-Japanese candidates so that we hope to help you to make an improvement with your Japanese through her guidance.

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