Myanmar student’s observation of life in Japan

Too strict rules in Japan

                 When I was studying in unversity, I really felt that Japan has more rules than Myanmar. It is common for Japanese people, but it is difficult for foreigners to understand all the rules. I did ot follow some rules unknowingly. I would like to introduce some of them the Japanese rules that are particularly eye opening for me.

table of contents

  1. Talking on phone while traveling in train
  2. Talking loudly
  3. black suit
  4. Eating while walking
  5. 4. Summary

1.Talking on the phone while traveling in train

          In Japan, I rarely saw Japanese who talked on the cell phones in the train or in the bus. I hardly heard the sound of a the telephone call. Myanmar is completely different.

               I wondered why Japanese people don’t use mobile phones in the trains. So I asked the question to my friend, he explained as follows. At the dawn of mobile phone, Japanese did speak on the mobile phone in the train or in the bus.But government educated on TVs not to use cell phones in a public places, trains and buses because it would bothers other people.

           As a result, it became a manner and people would feel embarrassing to use speak on the mobile phones on in the trains and buses in Japan. I think this is a really good rule. Railway system is not developed in Myanmar and people travel by uses bus . Some makes a loud noise and watches movies in the bus and plays games with loud volume, and some talks loudly on the mobile phones too. It is really disturbing. s the people around. I think this Japanese rule should be introduced in Myanmar.

           But foreigners usually don’t know about this rule, so they speak on the cell phones in the trains. When I was new to Japan, I talked loudly on my cell phone in the train. I am sure that everybody stared at me.

2. Talking loudly

                 It is sometimes causing a trouble if you talk or sing loudly even in your own room in Japan. I thought it was a bit too strict.

               My friend who lived in Tokyo told me that, her room mate had a quarrel with her boyfriend loudly over the phone. Soon after , the police came and asked various questions and warned her. The police said they would keep their passport and residence card. It surprised to know that neighbors called the police they make noise in the house.

             In Myanmar, there are no rules about noise, but loud music is played by loudspeakers during festivals. This was so noisy that a new rule was announced to ban to play music through loudspeakers when i was in high school. In Tsukuba, I seldom heard music was played from the loudspeaker, but when I traveled to Kyoto, I was surprised to hear music was played from the loudspeaker. Sometimes the right wing group plays military songs from the loudspeaker. It is a lot louder than the quarrels in the house, but I’m not sure loudspeakers are okay.

⒊ Black clothes

               This is a story I heard from a Myanmar friend who works in Japan, one day he was walking from a station to his house in black clothes and a cap, policemen stopped him and asked for a residence card to show.

           In Myanmar, young people wear black clothes as fashion. People in black are not bad people…

⒋ Eating while walking

            Japanese passengers study and read books on the train. I thought they spend time economically without wasting time when traveling.

             As Japanese are good at time management . I guessed they eat while walking when they are busy. But It is not good in Japan. Parents warn their children not to eat while walking. A Japanese woman was interviewed on a TV program about the idea of eating while walking, and she commented, if you eat while walking, you may drop it on the roads or food may got on others clothes.So you should not eat food while walking.

               I think Japanese people are strict about the rules. I love walking and eating . In Myanmar, I used to walk around with my friends and eat. No one cares. In Japan, you have to be careful not to have this habit.

⒌ Summary

                  There are many rules in Japan that foreigners are not familiar with. and the rules are strict. This may be because Japanese consider it not nice to be self-centered, and rules are made by the criteria not to annoy others.

written by Htet Htet Aung