Job Introduction for foreigners

In order to solve the serious labor shortage problem in Japan, the government decided to issue a work visa with a special skill qualification from April 2019 and accept foreigners to work in Japan. Foreigners have more opportunities to work in Japan. In addition, Professionals with special skill and experience will also be able to work on work visas. Would you like to find a job in Japan? We supply and help foreigners who are looking for a job in Japan have Japanese language proficiency and special skill exams. Please contact us

Haa Baht specializes in introducing jobs to foreigners. Specialize in Indians and Myanmar people.

Technical skill (engineer / international work / humanities knowledge)

IT software, mechanical engineers, electronics engineers, and other graduates of science universities, as well as foreigners, mainly Indians who are engaged in overseas business and international relations work in the humanities. In particularly, we focus on the following areas.

  • Mechanical design engineer CAD 3D / Catia V5 / CAE
  • Electronic semiconductor circuit system design engineer
  • IT engineer AI, IoT, Web application development, Quality control,software development, etc.

Special skills

A certain level of expertise and skills to cope with a growing labor shortage, especially for small and medium-sized businesses.Foreign workers, mainly Myanmar people who are ready to work. For trainees who have completed technical intern training or special skill test for foreign workers who have passed and have Japanese language level N4 or higher.

We are particularly focused on the following industries :

  • Hotel / Accommodation
  • Restaurant
  • Food and beverage manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Building cleaning etc
  • 介護
We take job introduction business seriously as this will determine ones’ life. We will serve you sincerely. There are 2 ways to help you find the job in Japan.
Traditional approach:
Job seeker sends CV and job experience sheet using(template attached)We will discuss with the job seeker about his/her career plan and expectations. As needed, we advise you to improve your CV to make you more successful.We will search appropriate companies that match your skill, experience and your career plan. Prior to the interview, we will counsel interview tips for you.We will walk through with you until you join the company.
New approach:
The job seekers create profile video (un-edited) and send it along with CV and job experience sheet using template.We will edit and add comments.The profile video will be posted in our system to share wider viewers.This will invite Japanese companies find you and approach here to send the video
※We do not charge on job seekers. ※Once job seekers send profile video for promotion, portrate rights belong to Haa Baht. Please do not send your promotion video when you do not agree with the portrait rights. We will comply with Japanese privacy law to handle your profile video.
  • Companies that are resist to hire foreigners
  • Companies that can’t wait to hire foreigners
  • Companies that have already hired foreigners and are successful

Please consult us for considering of Employment of foreigners.

Shortage of Engineers to Manufacturig industries ,HaaBaht has a strong network mainly in India.

We will always look for and introduce Man power that meet the necessary requirements such as skills, experience and Japanese language skills.

We also do personal check of candidates.

For small and medium-sized enterprises who are in short of supply and need employees, Haa Baht has a strong network mainly in Myanmar.We will always look for and introduce graduates of technical intern trainees or human resources who have passed the skill measurement test in a specific industry and have met the requirements to obtain a specific technical work visa at Japanese N4 level.

We also provide visa processsing and support for foreigners employed as a registered support organization.

Haa Baht’s Myanmar employee will support you in Myanmar language and help you with long-term establishment.Consultation will be provided as necessary, such as strategies for securing foreigners and preparation for hiring foreigners. Recruitment of foreigners is also eligible for various subsidies. We also provide consulting as needed to eliminate labor shortages and obtain further subsidies. Please feel free to ask.

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