Myanmar student’s observation of life in Japan

There are many things that are very different from Myanmar and Japan’s life, the custom of baths and toilets are one of them. Before I got used to it, I was very confused by this difference in customs.

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  1. 1.Bath

Japanese baths and hot springs are famous in the world. Myanmar people who have been to Japan always talk about Japanese baths when they return to Japan. “How was it? Wasn’t it embarrassing?”

In Myanmar, it is very embarrassing to get naked in front of others and take a bath. In the old days, Myanmar people used to bathe in wells in public places. Women bathe with their cloth on. Men bathe with their half cloth on .

When I came to Japan, my friend invited me to take a bath in student onsen. The bath is big and everyone gets naked and relaxing in a large bath. I was so embarrassed that I was wondering whether to take a bath or not. This first experience was very difficult.

n Japanese anime, there are often scenes when a dad and a child take a bath together at night. In Japan, it’s still good for dad and son to take a bath together, and mom and daughter to take a bath together. But in the anime, I saw dad and a daughter around 10 years old take a bath together. .. Maybe it’s good because It’s a family, but I can’t think of it in Myanmar.

Also, Japanese people take a bath at night and sleep, so this is good for your health. Myanmar has the concept that taking a bath in the morning is good for your health. It is the opposite of Japan. I don’t know which one is right, but when I came to Japan and took a bath at night, I started to think that it would be better for my health because I was tired all day long. But being naked in a bath with others is something I can’t help but just embarrassed.


There was a Japanese-style toilet on the university campus. Western-style toilets are the same as in Myanmar, but I tried Japanese-style toilets for the first time. I didn’t know which way to sit and the toilet in Japan has only toilet paper. I was surprised when I first entered.

Since Myanmar uses water for washing, it comes with toilet paper, a tap for water, and a jug. Although it is hygienic to use water, there is no water to wash your hips in a Japanese-style toilet.

Anyway, I don’t know how to sit in a Japanese-style toilet, so I argued with a Myanmar friend, “Which side do you want to sit?” I don’t understand why there is a Japanese-style toilet on the campus of a university with many international students. Who will have a Japanese-style toilet, will Japanese students be troubled without a Japanese-style toilet?

I used to use toilet which at outside of my house because public toilets are not in good condition in Myanmar. Even now, when I go to my country, I use toilet which is outside of my house. In Japan, public toilets other than the University of Tsukuba are pretty. There are many western style toilets, and a washlet is also attached.

3. Summary

I thought the Japanese-style toilet at university was very weird, and I was too embarrassed to make the habit of taking a bath in onsens. This is the main differences in daily life may be something you are not used to.

written byHtet Aung

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