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Build IT offshore and make your business cheaper

In Japan, where the population is decreasing and the labor power shrinks and the number of workers is decreasing. There is even a shortage of people with the skills to meet the new needs of technology and society that are rapidly developing. The Japanese government has taken a turn to accept new foreign man power in order to eliminate the shortage of human resources. However, it is not a big problem solving only by burying a simple labor force with the foreigner.

HaaBaht partners with an offshore IT team to help build inexpensive EPR solutions at offshore to improve the productivity of Japanese companies. We listen to your current problem and suggest a solution with our team. In addition, when we leave it to foreigners, we introduce the right people. Take this opportunity to discuss with us about your company’s business efficiency and acceptance of foreigners.

Small Business Problem Solving

We develop our business mainly in Japan.networked abroad that hasIt's not a company in IndiaTeam accessavailableLack of human resources and production, especially in rural areasCorporate problems suffering from low manpowerSuitable for solution.

State-of-the-art technology

India Offshore Development teamAI / IOT etc.Edge technology, inexpensive offshoreDevelopment

Bridge to India

Haa Baht will bridge the gap between you and the offshore development team in India, so we will provide the quality which you want in Japanese at the offshore inexpensive price.

Communication is smooth

The management skills cultivated by foreign-affiliated companies, the understanding of India gained through experience studying abroad in India, and the ability to convey Japanese needs to the Indian offshore team .

Specialized industry

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