Diwali in Japan


The favorite festival of many Indians is Diwali. It is celebrated in autumn every year. This year it is on November 14th. It is an important festival for Indians living in Japan, but there are many things that are different from India when we celebrate in Japan.


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Diwali festival is very famous in India. We light up lamps called Diyas , we do colorful Rangoli on the floor, we eat so many varieties of sweets and we do fire crackers on Diwali day. It is somewhat resembles Natsu matsuri (summer festival)in Japan as people enjoy fire crackers .

Diwali in India

People decorate their houses with flowers and diyas on Diwali festival. We do colorful Rangoli on the floor and it is very special attraction of the day. Especially Rangoli will be done by ladies in the family. Whole family gather to pray god, to have meals and set fireworks. Celebrating Diwali in India is our joy.

Diwali in Japan

I have been celebrating Diwali every year even in Japan since I came from India. Celebrating Diwali in Japan is bit different from what we do it in India. In Japan, it is not safe to decorate houses with candles, we cannot make big Rangoli as our apartment is not spacious enough and we cannot play fireworks that way we do it in India. And we also miss traditional Indian festival feast.

However, we still celebrate Diwali in Japan with smaller Rangoli patters. We try to prepare Indian traditional sweets with limited ingredients. We invite friends but it is much smaller gathering. We offer prayers using YouTube. And we play fireworks in a lot  smaller scale.


Diwali is a fun festival even we are away from home country. Diwali is a festival of  victory of good over evil, I hope and pray that this year Diwali 2020 marks the beginning of mankind`s victory over the COVID-19 pandemic and brings our life to normal.

Writer Kodam Vishali