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Superstitions of Myanmar

Even now, there are various superstitions followed by many people. In Myanmar, there are various superstitions by region and ethnicity and people of all the ages follow and believe in them. Being a Burmese, I cannot talk about the superstitions of other people, but I would like to introduce you to the superstitions of the Burmese.

table of contents

  1. A person who born on Saturday
  2. Funeral
  3. Bird
  4. About the days
  5. Summary

1.A person who born on Saturday

In Myanmar, old people believe that if a first child was born on Saturdays, something bad would happen to the family. If the first child is born on Saturday, parents sell their child to others. When they sell a child, they get the money from the person who buys the child. Otherwise, parents may use a knife to kill the child. I was the first eldest daughter and was born on Saturday in my family. My mother saved me approximately 200 times from my grandmother.

However, it is believed that the youngest child will be lucky if the child was born on Saturday. They believe that they become rich if the youngest child is born on Saturday and also brings them good luck.


Burmese also has many superstitions about funerals. If a person dies in a hospital or outside his house, the dead body cannot enter his house, village or town. The dead body must be kept out of town. This is because people believe that something bad luck happens if keep the dead body inside the house. This is an old superstition and people living in the cities may not be believe it these days.

However, if a person dies in his house, they keep the body for two days in the house for condolence. This is so that relatives and families living far away can see the dead for the last time.

Myanmar has the custom to bring the money to the home from the funeral. People throw the money on the body while taking it to the graveyard to bury. People who follow the funeral are allowed to pick up the money scattered. I remembered when I was a kid, I picked up the money at the funeral.


People believe that if a vulture comes in front of a house, that day will be unlucky. When a vulture resting on the roof of a sick person’s house, people believe that the sick person will die soon. Nowadays, the number of vultures is decreasing and we do not see much, but there is a strong superstition that vultures are ominous birds.

4.About the days

There is a superstition that washing your hair on Wednesday will run out of money. I think this has something related to Buddhism. Buddha was born on Wednesday, so it’s not good to wash your hair on Wednesdays.

Young people do not believe in this superstition, but I do. I try not to wash my hair on Wednesday when I expect money from others. I think older women living in the country more believe in superstition than urban people.

Also, many believe that if you start work on Monday, you will not be able to finish it ion that day. I also believe that if I start any work on Monday, it cannot be completed on that day.


You should be careful when you have a belief in superstitions. The day 13th is considered to be unlucky in the world. Everyone seems to be careful on the 13th. I think it’s bad to decide whether the day of birth is lucky or unlucky because it is not your choice.

Written by Htet Aung