Myanmar student’s observation of life in Japan


Myanmar people waiting for coming to Japan but in vain due to Corona(1)

There were a lot of problems caused by Corona this year. At the beginning of this year, when corona began to spread in the world, I thought it would be over in about 4 to 5 months, but in Myanmar it spread rapidly from around September and became a nationwide problem.12月19日 ミャンマーにおける新型コロナウイルス(COVID-19)感染者・死亡者数の推移 WHO(世界保健機関)発表資料より[COVID-19 Report] (

Corona virus in Myanmar

I live in Yangon. During corona first wave in Myanmar, everyone complied to stay home, but when in the second wave, many people went out for a living. I would like to introduce what happened at that time to the people of Japan related job in Myanmar. (People living in Myanmar using Japanese are called people of Japan.)

table of contents

1.My case

2.My friend`s case

3.Online classes

4. Summary

1.My case

I had COE (Certificate of Eligibility) for going to Japan in March this year. I thought I could go to Japan around April. However, I’m still waiting for in December. Since I live by teaching Japanese, I was unable to teach face-to-face classes due to Corona, and I had a problem with living expenses. At the time of the second wave, people at Japanese language schools started online classes. Even if I started online classes, I would go to Japan soon, so I didn’t start a new class because I thought it would be a trouble for my students. I was not allowed to go to Japan no matter how long I waited, so I had a one-shot class, but this period of instability was mentally difficult.

Corona virus troubles


I spend every day in a situation where I don’t really know if I can go to Japan or when I can go. I’ve had my plane ticket bought for me, but I can’t predict if I can really get there.

Myanmar still has more than 1,000 new infections every day, so the Japanese government may ban Myanmar people from coming to Japan. I think that all Myanmar people who already have visas to work in Japan feel the same as me. I just keep waiting with anxiety about when I can really go, and my work is half-hearted and my life gradually becomes difficult.

2.My friend`s case

My friend, who works for a Japanese company in Yangon, was fired during corona first wave and worried about whether to go back to home town or seek another job in Yangon. There are jobs in Yangon if you are under 30 years old, but when you get older, you don’t have much chance. This person has been to Japan and worked, so he is thinking of going to Japan again. There hardly are any job in Myanmar.

Corona virus job loss

My friend, who works as a Japanese tour guide, also lost her work. Tourism jobs in Myanmar will not recover for another two years. She also wants to find a job in Japan because there is hopelessly no work for such a person in Myanmar.

Even those who had their salaries halved during corona’s first wave also had heartbreaking voices in the second wave, which resulted in a 30% salary and insufficient living expenses. One company couldn’t pay this month’s salary, and the people who worked were angry. Myanmar has so little work to do, so how long this situation will last is a matter of life and death for those who work in Japanese speaking jobs.

3.Online classes

Thanks to Corona that the number of Japanese online classes has increased. Many online classes are with low tuition fees, so students are able to study Japanese without worrying too much about fee. I think that the spread of online classes is a good opportunity for people who are really willing to study.

Japanese Online classes

Teachers, who teach Japanese online to students who go to Japan as trainees, cannot pay attention to all online students, and it is inconvenient for teachers for questions and answers. Some students want to go to school more than online, so they ask their teachers many times when they will resume face to face classes. Japanese companies mandate candidates for trainees that they must study Japanese so they cannot stop studying Japanese. Learning Japanese in an inconvenient environment is quite tough.

4. Summary

At first, I thought for a moment that it was good to have a day off due to Corona, but as it is prolonged like this, the future will be uneasy. I even consulted with my friends about becoming a nun because they were worried about their future. But I’m not the only one in trouble, so I spend my time patiently and continue to wait for a little more.

written by Htet Htet Aung