Myanmar student’s observation of life in Japan

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Good and bad points of Japan

Japan is a popular country in the world. I wondered what kind things would be loved by many people in the world .

table of contents

1. Things to learn from Japan

2. What is in the mind of the Japanese


1. Things to learn from Japan

             Japanese people work from morning to late night. My university teachers seemed to think that work is more important than family. Generally, work ends at 5 pm or 6 pm, but Japanese will work until late night. They continue to  discuss about work even in drink parties after 5pm.  Japanese always think about their work and very serious about it which amazed me every time. That’s why Japan became a  advanced and developed country.

        After drinking party, some Japanese return to work . I would like to rest after a party unlike Japanese.日本の良いところ・悪いところ

        Japanese don’t waste their time. I often spotthem reading a book, doing homework or working on computers while commuting in a train or in a tea parlor. I rarely see such kind of people in Myanmar. Recently, I start to spot people like Japanese even in Myanmar.

         Also, Japanese love nature. They protect the forests and rivers very well. In Myanmar, we don’t do much to protect forests and rivers. Therefore, the forests have been decreasing and the rivers have become dirty.

2. What is in the heart of the Japanese

      Many Japanese are kind and polite. .. .. However, when looking at the relationship between seniors and juniors, junior always agree with seniors. It seems that Japanese don’t like to argue with others.

        I had many Japanese friends in my class when I was studying in Japan. But we did not become close friends. Japanese students want to be close friends with Western students.

       My Myanmar friends also feel same about Japanese. Japanese always want to make relationship with western people rather than Asian people.

       When I asked my Myanmar friend who was an intern in Japan, she said Japanese are kind and friendly but they don’t like to work with Asian people as a team.

3. Summary

         Japan is a well-developed country, so I have to learn a lot of things from it. However I couldn’t make close friends when I lived in Japan. I want to learn the way of work style of Japanese. And I hope I would make friends next time.

written by Htet Htet Aung