Myanmar student’s observation of life in Japan


Problems when I was new to Japan

Recently in Myanmar, the number of people who want to go to Japan to work and study abroad is increasing.Of course, the most important thing to study or work in Japan is Japanese. Especially kanji. Kanji is not easy for foreigners who come from countries that do not use kanji.

table of contents

1. 1. Unversity Canteen food 2. Pork

3. Mail 4. Summary

1.University canteen food

On the 2nd day of admission to the University of Tsukuba, a senior citizen of Myanmar took me to a university meal. I decided to go to the ramen and soba corner and try some Japanese noodles.

I did not know how to order. I got a ticket when I pushed the button with a picture of what I wanted to eat from a machine called a ticket machine. For the first time in my life, I ordered somen. I gave the ticket to canteen staff.

All noodles are eaten warmly in Myanmar. The “somen” that came out of the school meal was cold. I asked my senior, “Why is it cold?” and senior said, “There are warm and cold noodles in Japan, it was written so on the ticket machine.”

I didn’t know the kanji, so I ordered only by looking at the photos, so I can’t imagine it would be cold. I really didn’t want to eat cold somen when it was cold. After that, I decided to order what kind of food I would like to order to canteen staff.

2. Pork

Since I am a devout Buddhist, I only eat chicken. Normally, you can tell what kind of meat you are looking at, but wondering the kanji of the pork and chicken on the pack, I bought a minced pork by thinking that of a minced chicken many times, cooked and ate it .

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As a Buddhist, I promised Buddha that I wouldn’t eat pork, but I ate it many and many times. Buddha, I’m really sorry. If you can’t read kanji, you don’t know what food. You can’t understand everything with just pictures.

3. Mail

I received a lot of telephone companies, local governament, some sort of notifications and various other postal mails. They are mercilessly full of kanji. I had a headache!

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I was worried about which mail was important. I took all the mails to school and showed them to my Japanese teacher and asked her to “explain what the notice was.” There were important mail items, but there were some unimportant mail items too.

I don’t receive much mail in Myanmar, and I think Japan is really tough because it’s a country that doesn’t use mail for notifications. I do not understand this.

4. Summary

Some people said that those who receive the Japanese government’s scholarship do not need Japanese because they can speak English. But that’s not the case. If you come to Japan, you will not be able to live without understanding Japanese, especially if you can’t read kanji, you will come into trouble. I’m sure you had the same problems like me.

However, if you live in Japan for a while, you will be able to read kanji as well. Rather, if you can improve your Japanese, your life will become more enjoyable. If you understand the kanji, you will be less worried

Please study a lot of Japanese and go to Japan.

written by Htet Htet Aung