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Our company helps solve labor shortages and human resources shortages
Sepecial feature of our Recruitment service is

Global and Diverse team support

Japan is improving international market by entering into multculture soceity. The strength of Haa Baht Inc is a foreign recruitment team with international experience who can understand the feelings of foreigners and the needs of Japanese companies. Most foreign job seekers are based on references from people who have experienced employment placement by Haa Baht. We will provide detailed support to recruiting companies, such as helping to improve the environment for hiring foreigners, retaining hired foreigners and proposing subsidies. Recruiting is carried out in good faith with a sense of responsibility that it is a job related to a human life. We hope for the prosperity of the recruiting company and the happiness of job seekers.

our recruitment service that helps solve labor shortages and human resources shortages
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Indian IT engineer

The merits of hiring foreigners

  • Young and talented foreign engineers can contribute to the company effectively without the company’s reputation,scope and place of work constraints.
  • Foreign engineers can work efficiently even in unestabished work.
  • Companies can make long term plans and strategies well with foreign engineers working as full time.

IT software, mechanical engineers, electronics engineers, and other graduates of science universities, as well as foreigners, mainly Indians who are engaged in overseas business and international relations work in the humanities. In particularly, we focus on the following areas.

  • Mechanical design engineer CAD 3D / Catia V5 / CAE
  • Electronic semiconductor circuit system design engineer
  • IT engineer AI, IoT, Web application development, Quality control, software development etc.

A certain level of expertise and skills to cope with a growing labor shortage, especially for small and medium-sized businesses.Foreign workers, mainly Myanmar people who are ready to work. For trainees who have completed technical intern training or specific skills testsForeign workerswho have passed and have Japanese language level N4 or higher.We are particularly focused on the following industries:

  • Food and beverage manufacturing
  • Nursing
  • Agriculture
  • Hotel / Accommodation
  • Restaurant
  • Building cleaning etc

For example in the case of Specified Skill No.1, as a registrated support organization, we will sincerely support the fulfillment of the obligations stipulated by the government toward orientation before coming to Japan, life support when arriving and subsequent establishment. Our Myanmar staff will support the employee of special skill in Myanmar in their native language.

Flow of placement process

Recruting service for foreigners、jobs for foreigners in japan, Engineer

Sample of Job Seeker


・Special Skill

Please contact us to see the profile of a job seeker .
There are also profiles of job seekers which are not listed here. Please feel free to contact us if you have specific requirements for human resources.